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A letter to someone, somewhere

Someone, somewhere.

You don’t know me, I don’t know you. It’s weird to be writing to a stranger but what’s weirder is the fact that sometimes, it’s easier to confide in a stranger than somebody you already know. So, here I am.

I won’t beat around the bush. It’s just that I don’t feel alright these days. My Thursdays don’t seem to end and Sundays are too busy making me feel guilty of all the things i could have been/done instead. It’s so cold i can feel my inside wither and i can’t quite tell how far Spring is, yet.

There’s no specific reason behind this sadness, trust me. It just happens with me. There are days when i become oblivious to the world around me. The emptiness inside me starts spreading like ink on a paper, like rain clouds in the sky. It’s like I’m standing at the shore, looking at the sea with a dull stare in my eyes. Nothing seems to make sense. I feel totally worthless and empty. The waves crash against my feet again and again, reminding me that even if this feeling is transient, it will come back, soon. I can’t tell you how much that scares me. Anyway. I guess I’ll end this letter here. I know you are busy with your own battles but if, by any chance, you’re standing on the other side of the sea, I’ll put this in a bottle and hope with all my heart that it reaches you. When it finally does, i know you’ll find hope. And so will I.

Someone, somewhere.

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