Category - Stories from India

Sita Swyamvar

SRI RAM BREAKS SHIV DHANUSH Rama and Lakshmana accompanied Rishi Viswamitra to king Janaka’s palace. They were invited by the King Janaka for attending his daughter Sita’s Swamvara. When Rama and Lakshmana...

Story of Nala and Damayantí

Story from India ONCE upon a time there reigned in Nishadha1 a great rajah of choicest virtues whose name was Nala. He had great skill in taming steeds; he was a peerless archer, and was devoted to truth. Nala commanded...

The Camel’s Neck

NCE upon a time there was a very religious Camel; at least, he was religious after the fashion of his country, that is, he used to mortify his flesh by fasting, and scratch himself with thorns, and lie awake all night...

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