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Letter from a daughter to her single father

A single father everyday, takes her daughter to citi’s best school,
His daughter gets all the best things in her life, it’s his life’s only rule,

The best of clothes, the best of food,
So she has all good memories of her childhood,

One day it happened that the six year old,
Wrote a letter to her father with words as precious as gold,

In the letter She called him handsome,  a superman, and her hero too,
And that there’s nothing in this world that her father couldn’t do,

And then after reading something the father inconsolably cried,
When in the letter, the daughter complained that there are lot of secrets which her father hides,

He hides, that he drops me a little  away from my school’s gate,
Because of his old torn clothes, I know, but he says, he doesn’t wants to reach his office late,

I know he doesn’t goes to any office, which made her father even further sob,
When she wrote that she’s aware that he doesn’t have a permanent job,

She continues that she sees his clothes everyday and they’re as dirty as they could be,
And she is fully aware that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it for me,

She is well aware that he hides his hunger,
Cos when they we go out for dinner, only one dish you order,

Everyday you cannot have stomach ache,
And also that you had food outside, to me you can’t fake,

You hide that you aren’t tired just to play with me,
You can hide your pain from the world dad, but not from me,

I am truly blessed and thankful for all the things, for me that you do,
Don’t hide anything from me dad, cos you’re my world and I love you.

About author

Mohammed Junaid Khan from Mumbai, a businessman with a heart of a writer who has 1 published book under his name Diary of a Father, who writes poem and satires as hobby.
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