Poor Blossom

God Indra once had a parrot named Blossom. He enjoyed supreme beauty, loveliness, and various graces, while his intelligence was not blunted by his extensive scientific attainments.

One day he was resting on the palm of great Indra’s hand, his body thrilling with delight at that contact, and was reciting a variety of authoritative formulas when he caught sight of Yama, lord of death, who had come to pay his respects at the time appointed. Seeing the god, the parrot edged away. And all the thronging immortals asked him: “Why did you move away, sir, upon beholding that personage?” “But,” said the parrot, “he brings harm to all living creatures. Why not move away from him?”

Upon hearing this, they all desired to calm his fears, so said to Yama: “As a favor to us, you must please not kill this parrot.”

And Yama replied: “I do not know about that. It is Time who determines these matters.”

They, therefore, took Blossom with them, paid a visit to Time, and made the same request. To which Time replied: “It is Death who is posted in these affairs. Pray speak to him.”

But when they did so, the parrot died at the mere sight of Death. And they were all distressed at seeing the occurrence so that they said to Yama: “What does this mean?” And Yama said: “It was simply fated that he should die at the mere sight of Death.” With this reply, they went back to heaven.

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