Self-Defeating Forethought

There was once a Hillman in a certain place who set out to increase his sins by hunting. As he walked along, he met a boar that resembled the top of Sooty Mountain. Then with a sharp arrow, he shot the boar, who in turn angrily tore the hillman’s stomach with a pointed fang that shone like the crescent moon so that the man fell dead. The boar also, after killing the hunter, died in torment from the arrow-wound.

At this point, a starving jackal reached the spot in his aimless wanderings. When he spied a boar and a hunter, both dead, he gleefully thought: “Fate is kind to me, providing this unlooked-for store of food.

“Now I will eat in such a way as to have sustenance for many days. I will begin with the sinew wrapped round the bow-tip. I will hold it in my paws and eat very slowly. ”

After these reflections, he took into his mouth the sinew with its end hanging from the bow. And when the gut snapped, the bow-tip pierced the roof of his mouth and came out like a topknot. And the jackal perished from the pain of it.

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