Do you remember that feeling where you are lying on grandma’s lap, closing your eyes and travelling to a wonderful and magical place with her stories? The Story Hut wishes to make you feel exactly like that. It is a safe haven for countless o memorable stories that otherwise, will be forgotten.

TheStoryhut is a humble abode, stocked with handpicked tales from the dusty shelves of archives spanning numerous lifetimes. Stories knit into our childhood by grandmothers, narratives transcending realities and anecdotes which sobered us up from the humdrum of everyday lives; find their niche in the cabinets of The Story Hut.

You may have heard some of these stories before, but not many of them.Some have come from far across the sea, and some have come from our own country.Mothers have told them to their children again and again, and children have never been tired of them.We think you will like them, too.

We know you have a story that will inspire and uplift, and we’d love to share your story with the world. We are here to help you channel your inner storyteller, Just unleash your writing superpowers with us. Send your stories to us at admin[at] and we will make sure, that it gets published on our website and gets noticed by the right audience.