Stories and why do we need them?

I can tell you a good Story. 

“Do you want to hear a new fresh-baked story?” If someone asks you this how you feel? 

Do you feel happy or excited?

Can you resist the urge to hearing a story?

And say,” No, I am certainly not interested. I don’t like stories please don’t tell me one.”

If you would ask me- I would ask, “Is that Interesting? I would like to hear one, go ahead.”

Most of us would choose the same thing, well it is difficult to resist a story many couldn’t do it or want to do it, as stories connect to life and memories of our own or others.

The child in you who loved to hear stories lying on that cozy bed, looking at the moon outside the window, listening to a warm voice telling a story.

Stories have the capability of carrying you to the land of imaginations, recollections of good times, and the struggle of tough times and keep adding new colors to your stories.

It brings change in people and living. It can stop evil. 

Do you remember that cruel king Shahryar of (One Thousand and One Nights) also known as Arabian Nights who he marries a new virgin every day and beheads his previous day’s wife?

Scheherazade, his new bride tells him a story on the first night and the next day he decides to bear her life just for one day so she could complete her story and she keeps telling stories every night and he keeps excusing her life every morning.

Isn’t this fascinating how can stories change a cruel heart, its thoughts people around their life and who they are?

We love stories because we are one of them. We live in them. We live for them and we want to be a good one so we could be remembered after we leave.

I want nights and days and people after I am gone know me through my story.
I want to be a hero and my story to be a heroic one or at least this much so it could touch lives.

We all want to be heroes, heroes of our life, heroes of our story where we can be the centre of the universe where a thing can start on me and end on me where I am the point, the centre of the world where living lies and death cannot snatch my existence all at once. I am the centre of my story.

I am the hero, no one can beat me even if I am slow obscure or defeated I am the hero of my Story and no one can beat me in my own story.

All dwindles and achievements I did,
All smiles and sadness I hid,
Between friendly handshakes and walks holding your hand,
Between my first breath and last.
I tied you in my story- Some told some untold yet breathing inside us. 
For me telling a harsh truth, for you telling a soft lie, for us singing a lovely song on the last day of college, 
For me telling the story when Indian’s failed to land on the moon but how happy and proud we are.

I am telling you all this, is also the story of a girl telling many of her unknown readers that they are special and so are their stories.

Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, you have a story, a unique one which will live just once like no one ever did because you and your story are, unique and no one in the world can take your story from you but we are very interested to know about yours because we love stories.

So you can comment and tell us in just a line or word what is your story. How is it going? 

Which color it is nowadays?

Mine is Sea blue, a little bit wavy, up and down.

About author

Neelam Yadav, Storyteller and student of English Literature. She is an active writer on Quora. She believe stories hold the power to change lives and people around. Nothing can be more pleasing than a "Good Story" and if it's about "Love" it is cherry on the cake. She is passionate about writing stories and love to write children stories as well.
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