ONCE in a town, called Happy Home, there lived a mighty Hunter, named Grim-Face. One day, wishing a little fresh venison for dinner, he took his bow and arrows and went into the woods where he soon found and killed a Deer. As he was carrying the Deer home he came upon a wild Boar of huge size. Laying the Deer on the ground, he fixed and shot an arrow, wounding the Boar, which instantly rushed upon him with a roar louder than the roar of thunder, and ripped the Hunter open with his sharp tusks. The Hunter fell like a tree cut down by the axe, and lay dead between the Boar and a Snake, which had also been killed and crushed under their feet as they fought. Presently a Jackal, whose name was Howl-o’Nights, passed that way, prowling in search of food; and his eye fell upon the Hunter, the Deer, the Boar and the Snake, all lying dead together. “Aha!” said Howl-o’Nights, “what luck! Good fortune can come, I see, as well as ill fortune. Now let me think: the man will make fine pickings for a month; the Deer and the Boar, between them, will last me two months more; the Snake will do for to-morrow; and, as I am unusually hungry, I will treat myself now to this bit of strong-smelling bow-string.”

So saying, the Jackal began to gnaw the sinew of which the bow-string was made. Presently, the string snapped apart, and the bow sprang back and pierced the heart of greedy Howl-o’Nights.


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