The Partridge and the Crow

There lived once a crow in a forest. One day when the crow was flying across a road, she saw a Partridge walking along the ground.

“What a beautiful gait that Partridge has!” said the Crow. “I must try to see if I can walk like him.”

She alighted behind the Partridge and tried for a long time to learn to walk like Partridge. Partridge was seeing all this and was confused about what the crow was doing. At last, the Partridge turned around and asked the Crow what she was about.

“Do not be angry with me,” replied the Crow. “I have never before seen a bird who walks as beautifully as you can, and I am trying to learn to walk like you.”

Partridge understood the situation and said to crow “Foolish bird!” responded the Partridge. “You are a Crow and should walk like a Crow. You would look silly, indeed if you were to strut like a partridge.”

But the Crow went on trying to learn to walk like him, But she could not learn to walk like Partridge. She kept mimicking Patridge until finally, she had forgotten her own walk, and she never learned that of the Partridge.

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