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The Unteachable Monkey

A moral story from Panchatantra

There lived a troop of monkeys in a deep forest.. During one winter, the forest was freezing cold, and all animals were having a tough time. This group of monkeys was also suffering from severe weather, and they were feeling chilly and needed fire desperately to get warm.

They were dreadfully depressed as it was freezing. Youngest monkey of the group was wandering when he saw a glowing insect.

He called everyone and told them to see this, and all of them started examining the insect, they believed it to be fire, so lifted it with care, covered it with dry grass and leaves, thrust forward their arms, sides, stomachs, and chests, scratched themselves, and enjoyed imagining that they were warm.

A sparrow from far saw all this. Considering the vain attempts the monkeys were busy with, it thought of advising them against it, and the sparrow said:

“What big fools you are. You are blowing at Firefly, do not put yourself to unnecessary trouble as it can’t help you keep warm.”

The monkeys did not listen to the sparrow. They continued to blow at poor Firefly. But the bird was firm on helping them and kept shouting to them.

It yelled this time and said:

“What you are doing is a waste of time. This Firefly will not help you to protect yourself against the cold. Go and find some nearby shelter cave.”

Monkeys got really angry, and they seized the sparrow and dashed her on a rock, crushing face, eyes, head, and neck so that she died.

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