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The Indian air is changing as tremendous writers are budding everywhere in the sub-continent. Names like Chetan Bhagat, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth, and Kiran Desai are no new to us, but a new progeny developing and changing the game. And one of the most striking features about them is giving bestsellers nonstop filling the growling tummies of avid readers as well as of those who are not so fond of reading and giving “the bigger names” a great competition. These are penning down great pieces and covering every possible topic from feminism to discrimination, fiction to fashion, and caste to corruption and whatnot. But what pricks a fan the most is their lost identities even after making so much success and contributing to the art form greatly in the not so alive phase as writing is on the verge of fading.

1. Meghna Pant

Meghna Pant, an author, journalist, speaker, and a beautiful young lady is an epitome for a budding writer to look up to. The author debuted in the field with One and a half wife (2012) and won the national MUSE INDIA YOUNG WRITER AWARD. Pant holds the feminist flag high and made everybody feel her presence by her well-tuned and thought-provoking multi-dimensional perspective of portraying characters and especially in the case of Indian women who are considered as sub-human and have always born oppression and violence. Her novels like Feminist Rani, Happy Birthday, The Trouble With Women, How To Get Published In India are must-read books and will you keep you engaged in turning till the last page and will leave you awestruck and surprised.

2. Ira Trivedi

Ira Trivedi a ‘could-have-been-beauty-queen’ is a writer of consecutive best-sellers. Hailing from Lucknow, Ira holds an M.B.A in Economics fondly writes about gender and culture. She is a Yoga enthusiast and also founded Namami Yoga, and the foundation conducts yoga sessions for adults and children. What Would You Do to Save the World? , India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century, There’s No Love on Wall Street are her renowned works and so compelling and keeps the reader engrossed in the book. Her minute details in the explanation of the text trace a vivid picture in the mind of the reader. Prestigious awards like Devi award and UK Media award are the testimony of her talent. She internationally speaks on women rights and culture and a columnist for ‘Deccan Chronicle’ and ‘The Telegraph’. 

3. Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma is the author of best-selling novels like ‘Everyone has a story’, ‘This is not your story’, and ‘Everyone has a story 2’. Savi is just 25 years old and has a great fan following. She self-published her debut novel and won the hearts of millions of people. She self-published her debut novel and won the hearts of millions of people. She left her Chartered Accountancy degree and believed in her passion and soon became an apple of the eyes of her huge fan following. Rather than writing, her first love, Savi has found the love of her life, her better half Aashish and has tied the knot recently. He is the man behind the successful marketing of her debut novel. She will be releasing her fourth novel anytime soon as she has completed with writing and all set to be grabbed by the desperately waiting readers.

4. Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg is one of those writers who leave a lasting impact on the readers’ mind with thought. Hailing from Delhi, Sachin is best known for his semi-autobiographical chronicles. He is a best-selling novelist, publisher and speaker.  Never Let Me Go, It’s First Love, Just Like The Last One, I’m Not Twenty Four, I Have Been Nineteen For Five Years, Come on, inner peace, I don’t have all day are his best pieces. He started his studies in Rohini and wrapped up in Paris. He left his job in a company and co-founded a publishing business with Durjoy Datta. His latest book is all different from the rest of the romance-college themed books and focuses on a tribe in the Andaman Islands. He gained a lot of fame and was Described as an ‘author worth checking out’ MTV, ‘a must read author’ Red FM, ‘a writer who will be enjoyed by all’ Times of India.

5. Nikita Singh

Nikita Singh is a young Indian writer and is just 28 years old. Born in Patna and currently based in New York, Nikita is the author of twelve books including The Reason is You, Every Time It Rains, Like a Love Song, and ‘The Promise and After All This Time. She holds a bachelors degree in pharmacy and surprisingly a masters in fine-arts. She received a Live India Young Achievers Award, nominated for a First International Young Author Award. She has been on various TEDx conferences as a speaker. Her most recent novel “The Reason Is You” was released in February 2019.

6. Ravinder Singh

A software engineer working in Microsoft found his passion for writing after the death of his girlfriend just before his engagement. He turned up his sweet-bitter experience in the form of a story and published it with a title “I had a love story too. He got immense love and a huge fan following as the readers appreciated his debut novel a lot and indeed it was a bestseller. He belongs to a Sikh family, born in Orissa. “Simple, honest and touching” was the review of the very famous N.R. Narayana Murthy on his first novel. “Can Love Happen Twice?Like it happened YesterdayLove Stories That Touched My HeartTell Me A StoryYour Dreams are Mine NowThis Love That Feels RightWill You Still Love Me” are his other novels in the list.

7. Judy Balan

She is different from others. She is a comedy writer and author and debuted with the bestselling novel Two Fates: the Story of My Divorce, a parody of Chetan Bhagat’s Two States:  The Story of My Marriage and also the writer of Half boyfriend again a parody of Chetan Bhagat’s Half girlfriend. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and graduated from the prestigious Stella Maris in English Literature. On the other side, she is a mother of a beautiful daughter, Kiara and lives in Chennai and one more member of their family is their pet, a golden retriever named Vrski.

8. Durjoy Dutta

Dutta is a 32-year-old man who is famous for his novels generally in the romance of young Indians. He is a screenwriter as well. He debuted with his novel, “Of course I love you!” while he was still in college. After its release, there was no one stopping him. Now That you’re Rich! , SHE BROKE UP I DIDN’T!, You Were My Crush! … Till you said you love me! (2011), If It’s Not Forever … It’s Not Love (co-author Nikita Singh) (2012), Till The Last Breath … (2012), Someone Like You (2013), Hold My Hand (2013),When Only Love Remains (2014), World’s Best Boyfriend (2015), Our Impossible Love (2016), The Girl of my Dreams (2016), The Boy who Loved (2017), The Boy with A Broken Heart (2017), The Perfect Us (2018), Pocketful Of Stories (2019), Wish I Could Tell You are his creations. He was awarded as the Young Achiever by the Times of India, Young Achievers in the field of Media and Communications in 2011. Durjoy is a Gujarati who grew in Delhi.

The list is long but these were the best. So here’s a request to indulge your soul in reading. As soon as you form a habit, you will find your inner peace in the company of a good book. Not only reading aids you to find the inner peace it also helps you to recognise your personality, your liking and disliking, but you will also develop a sorted and clear perspective of looking and accepting things. As a human being, you will realise how important it is to be mature in taking life decisions and also changing them. You will feel that for a good day you need to fill your belly but for a good sleep, you need to fill your soul. So, hoping that you will soon curl up with a good book!

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A short sweet girl from Ludhiana, always been an all-rounder but aces in writing. Bubbling with energy, writing feeds her soul and finds peace in it. One day will sure publish soon!!
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