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Ozzo and Peaches

In the Jungles of Western Ghats lived two little cubs Ozzo and Peaches. Ozzo had shaded fur like his father the King of Jungle. And the little one Peaches had gorgeous peachy fur that shone in the daylight.

King Lion, their father is often occupied with the work of Jungle; you know being a King is no easy job. So, mama lion took care of her little cubs; played games hunted small rabbits that tasted soft and delicious. Mama lion played all their favorite game that was hiding around bushes. Despite being busy, Papa Lion took some time out at least once a day to play with Ozzo and Peaches.

In the evening when the sun is about to set the Mama and Papa Lion sat under a big oak tree quietly. In between the silence of the valley, they heard some noise. It continued waving up and down, near and far, slow and fast.

They looked around – it was coming behind green bushes. They were Ozzo and Peaches fighting with their little claws and pushing each other. Making sounds. 



“Ozzo you are a cheater” shouted peaches loud and clear. “You always do,” Peaches said one more time throwing his legs loud on the ground. 

“I am not cheating! And I never do.”

“If you didn’t win Peaches doesn’t mean I was cheating,” said Ozzo the elder cub in an angry voice. 

Ozzo didn’t like to be called “CHEATER”. Well, who would like to be called a Cheater?

But Peaches, the little cub believed the reason Ozzo won because he cheated. Peaches believed his father would agree with him, he is king and the King knows it all.

“Father believes in me more than you Peaches and he knows I am true and honest in whatever I do. Thus he loves me more than you,” said Ozzo there was sudden confidence in his voice.

“No, he doesn’t love you more.” the little peaches laughed.

Laugh, but it is the truth. I am mom’s favorite too, “said Ozzo.

“What you have done to be their favorite kid?”

Then Ozzo sang a song praising himself why he should be their favorite –

I am smart and brave
I can walk alone in the cave,
In the dark or in lights
I don’t cry and I don’t  weep
The way you do in your sleep.
Who does not want to love me?
I am brave and shiny 
You are also a cute one 
But I am our parent’s favorite son.

Listening to Ozzo’s song Peaches got angry. How could his brother Ozzo be sure that his parents love him more?

They decided to and ask who their favorite child is? They went close to momma and Papa Lion. Ozzo sat near mother ;lion and Peaches near father.

Mother licked Ozzo with love. “See I told you.”

“That does not prove anything.” Peaches looked so angry now.

Mom knows how are dirty you get Ozzo she is just cleaning you.

Ozzo smiled teasingly looking at his irritated little brother

“Ozzo – Peaches” Mother roared.

“Let them play honey. They are not fighting. Good kids never fight they know already,” Said papa Lion.

Peaches screech in sweet innocent voice making the sweetest eyes which could melt hearts, “Ozzo always cheats and he says Papa love Ozzo more than me.”

“What?” Mother Lion smiled at his sweet innocent question.

“Come to me both of you.”

“You scold me, more than peaches. Mother Do you love him more?”

“No you both are precious to me and I love both of you equally.”

Now Ozzo and Peaches were whispering so that mamma lion could not hear them

“See Ozzo mother said she loves both of us equally.”

“Do you think so? “

What if she doesn’t want to hurt us by telling who she loves more?”

“Why would she lie, Ozzo?” she’s our mother, mother’s don’t lie.”

“Elders do lie, sometimes.”

“You call everybody a liar I don’t believe you Ozzo”

“I can prove you wrong, Peaches”

“How” Peaches asked with awe in his voice

.”Have you ever seen mamma or papa apologies anytime they break something- like plate or glass they never do! They always blame someone else like –“Ooh, glass just slipped from my hand! Ooh, it was water’s fault it was wet and slippery!

But no, it was their fault, they lie every time.”

“Ooh!!! So true, you know so much”

“Ozzo and Peaches go to bed now it is dark outside.” said momma lion.

Ozzo and peaches sat close and whispered in each other’s ear.

“Early morning, we will go to the monkey uncle he is wise, old and intelligent,” said Ozzo.

“Okay we will go tomorrow I will show you everybody loves me more Ozzo,” said Peaches in a yawning sweet voice.

“Go to sleep little brother.”

Peaches put his head near Ozzo’s hand and slept peacefully. “Ozzo who teases Peaches and fights with him all day was now smiling at his little brother. The night grew darker and darker the moon shined brighter like a big round lamp glancing at two little cubs.

Next morning, they walked and walked till the sun came out and birds chirped looking at them. They were looking for their dear Monkey uncle, who is old, wise, and has the answer to all kind of questions.  Peaches shouted “Look, Monkey uncle” his eyes shined. He rubbed his paws on Ozzo’s fur.

They ran to their dear uncle who holding a dozen of fresh ripe yellow bananas. Looking at them Monkey uncle’s face shined and glittering white teeth were smiling wide.

“Ozzo, Peaches, how are you, my little cubs?”

“We are” and jumped on monkey uncle with love in their hearts and shine in their eyes.

“We are here for something very important.” Peaches said sternly in an innocent voice.

“Yes, uncle Monkey we want to know something.”

“What is it?” said monkey making a serious face as the two cubs had made.

“I know you have some serious question” monkey uncle’s eyes popped out looking at their serious faces.

Yes – Uncle how can we know which one of us is loved more by our parents? 

“What? Who is loved more by your parents?”

“You want to know this but, why?”

Because Ozzo says he is their favorite kid as I cry all the time.

“But you don’t Peachy you are my happy cutesy child.”

“Uncle, do elders lie at times? What if they were lying?”

“Ooh…Well, it is hard to tell, I think they love you both equally.” said uncle Monkey.

“Momma said the same thing that’s why we came to you this far uncle Monkey,” Said Ozzo wondering if he could get his answer.”Uncle, please help us. Peaches legs were hurting so badly still we came here this far for answers.”

Don’t be disappointed kids. I have a solution. I will take you to ‘The magical pond’.

“The Magical Pond”

Yes, this is the Magical Pond.

Stand there look up and ask your question and then count 




And look down you will find your answer.

But there is one condition”

“What condition Uncle?” asked Ozzo.

“You cannot tell anyone about it. Even both of you should never talk about that again. You must keep the answer with you “They agreed and walked to the pond which has clear blue water which sparkled in daylight.

“Go Ozzo” Peaches shouted in excitement but, something was making them uneasy. He did not like the idea of knowing the answer anymore.

Ozzo went to the pond closed his eyes requested the pond-

“Dear Magical Pond

Can you tell me who Momma’s and Papa’s favorite child is?”

The pond was silent and peaceful. A breeze of cold wind brushed Ozzo’s face. He opened his eyes looked down at the water

What he saw was a reflection – His reflection.

“I am their favorite! Am I?” his teeth stretched flashing a wide smile and Peaches?”

“What about Peaches Magical Pond, my little brother.”

“I wanted them to love him too my little peaches he is my sweet innocent brother. 

Ozzo came out he saw Peaches waving happily at him.

Ozzo smiled at Peaches and words buzzed in his minds, “What if I am our parent’s favorite, my little Peaches is my favorite. I will love him more than anyone.”

“Ozzo are you happy with what you saw?” 

“Yes, I am happy Peaches” Ozzo stroked a gentle touch on his head.

It’s my turn now Monkey uncle.

“GO Peaches. Peaches…”Monkey uncle shouted.

Peaches went near the pond and said: “Oh, Dear magical pond can you tell me am I the favorite child?”

The pond remained shushed silent. Not a single sound was around.

“Am I getting an answer or not Pond?” Peaches asked calmly in a hopeful voice.

“Is someone telling me or not?” 

He opened his eyes on not getting an answer and found his reflection in the water.

“Ooh…I… ooh! I am their favorite.” Peaches chirped with happiness.

“That’s how you tell pond.” 

Peaches looked delighted with Magical Pond’s answer. Happy…So… so…happy!!

“I will run to Ozzo and tell him I am their favorite and not him.”

“Not him??”

Ooh!!! That is so sad. How can it be?”

Suddenly all the joy disappeared from Peaches’ face.

“Why I am their favorite? Ozzo is smart and he never cries. He is such a cool brother. How can I tell him that he is not the favorite?”

Peaches sobbed in sadness and said, “Even if no one loves him. I will love him.”

“I will. He is the best brother in the world”

Peaches ran to Ozzo and hugged him tight. They went back home knowing the truth The Magical Pond told them.

Truth sometimes is not so pleasant like we imagined but Love is always Pleasant and True.

 Loving each other is what they did and all good brothers must do.

About author

Neelam Yadav, Storyteller and student of English Literature. She is an active writer on Quora. She believe stories hold the power to change lives and people around. Nothing can be more pleasing than a "Good Story" and if it's about "Love" it is cherry on the cake. She is passionate about writing stories and love to write children stories as well.
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